Asturia and Cantabria


Asturia And Cantabria



Asturia and Cantabria are two regions squeezed between some of the highest peaks of Spain and the Cantabrian Sea. By car, the regions offer visitors amazing landscapes with lush green valleys, abrupt peaks and winding roads. If you choose to visit this part of Spain, you will be taken into a journey that leads you back to the Paleolithic Era (the Stone Era), from about 12,000 years ago when the region was occupied for the first time. 


Oviedo should be the first place you visit while in Asturia. When you first go to Oviedo, you wont’t consider it one of the most seducing cities in Spain. However, it is the capital of Asturia and is the oldest Christian city in Spain. Lovely fermented apple cider is ubiquitous and the locals make it a point to down a mug or two every night in the many “sidrerias” found throughout the old town. 
LOS OSCOS is the perfect place to visit if you want to escape of the unbeliaveble dryness from the other parts in Spain. The town is situated between the mountains, in a valley from where visitors can see the rich landscapes, the rivers and the waterfalls. Los Oscos is a place where you will find good food, powerful traditions and welcoming people. The rural countryside dominates the region, offering the tourists the possibility to hike, horse ride or fish for trout. Costa Verde borders Asturia, from Rio Eo to the border with Galicia. Characteristic for Costa Verde are the discreet resorts, the fisher’s village and the sandy beaches. Santillana Del Mar (the Saint Next To The Sea) is neither a saint place, nor situated next to the sea, but it is a place with a 1,200 years history, a harmonious and unique architectural assembly. Picos De Europa is the place where you will find idylic pastures that lead you to breathtaking high peaks. If you are here, you should know that you are situated in a national park and you will have to share your space with the bears, the black goats, the tuskers and the wolves. 


Visiting Asturia and Cantabria requires a lot of time and energy. Accommodation is not a problem. You will find enough villas in these remote areas, villas that offer wonderful conditions, spectacular views and the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine prepared by the owners of the villas; real home-made traditional cuisine.